30-Day Promo: 20% off ALL Editing Services

30-Day Promo: 20% off ALL Editing Services



This month the special will run from September 18 to midnight October 18, 2017.

For one month, we are offering 20% off all editing services. To view the types of editing we offer, visit http://twasolutions.com/editing/.  For example, copy editing is $4.50 per page. For the next 30 days, the rate is $3.60 per page!

A 50% deposit is required.

The deposit is determined by the total page count divided by 2.
For example, 250 pages divided by 2 = 125.
From the drop-down menu below, select the editing you want, click on BUY NOW, and in checkout, indicate the half page count (in the case of the example above, you would enter 125).

30-Day Promo: 20% off ALL Editing Services

This rate is good for 30 days only. If your manuscript will not be ready before midnight October 18, you may secure the discounted rate now with a 50% deposit (based on your total or projected manuscript page count) and send the manuscript when you’re ready.


Secure the Discounted Rate:

To secure the discounted rate, choose your preferred editing service from the below drop-down menu, click on Add to Cart, and on the checkout page indicate half of the total page count in the quantity section. (Example: Manuscript count is 200, indicate 100 as the quantity.) If you have any questions, email jessica@twasolutions.com and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

This promotion is for new projects only.

Feel free to share this email. The more the merrier!

I’m getting great feedback on the monthly promotions idea, so I’ll keep it going. I’m liking them, too. I may drop in another one before the month is out. Who knows? Stay tuned…

Any questions? You know where to find me: jessica@twasolutions.com or call me on 202-702-7120.

Happy writing!