Thriving for 24 years!

TWA Solutions boasts a remarkable track record of delivering exceptional work across a diverse array of projects, encompassing genres such as fiction, non-fiction, self-help, and children’s books. Our extensive expertise and limitless creativity consistently result in stunning book designs that faithfully capture the unique voice and vision of every author. We are thrilled to continue our mission of empowering independent authors, facilitating the creation of outstanding literature that resonates with readers globally. In addition to our commitment to book design, we take pride in being a cornerstone of support for authors as they navigate the exciting journey of publishing.




Editorial services encompass a range of support options available to authors for enhancing and refining their written content. These services encompass editing, proofreading, fact-checking, and various other forms of assistance aimed at elevating the quality of a book or any written piece. We offer various editorial service options:

Essentially, it’s vital to partner with an experienced designer who excels in creating covers for both print and digital formats. A carefully crafted cover holds the power to significantly boost your book’s attractiveness to potential readers, making it a key factor in achieving success. Let TWA Solutions  enhance your book’s appeal.

Interior layout design is the process of structuring and designing the pages within a book, which includes font choice, margins, headings, page numbers, and the arrangement of text and images. A well-executed interior layout enhances a book’s visual appeal and readability, making it more engaging and reader-friendly. 




When seeking a book cover or a comprehensive set of illustrations, it’s essential that the artwork conveys your narrative and forges an emotional connection with your audience. Employing meticulous attention to detail and expert shading and lighting techniques can breathe life into your children’s book. 

We take pride in our Supported Self-Publishing Services, which offer authors the essential tools and guidance needed to kickstart their publishing journey. We handle the work on your behalf, allowing you to retain a full 100% of your earnings. You are the publisher, and your success is our focus!

Drawing upon her remarkable 24-year journey that spans all genres, Jessica Tilles, an award-winning publisher and nationally acclaimed bestselling author, will turn your ideas into reality. She provides inspiration, writing, editing, and publishing guidance. With Jessica and TWA Solutions, you’re in great hands!