Whether it is a classic novel, a crime drama, a business, science or medical book full of tables and charts or a coffee table book with glossy photographs, TWA Solutions can make the interior of your book stand out and look beautiful.

Our clients include national bestselling authors to publishers to journals and small media publications. We have designed the interiors of journals, legal documentation, trade publications (books), and magazines that encompass a wide range of subject areas.

TWA Solutions designs full-length manuscripts, literary journals, publications, magazines, catalogs, newsletters, flyers, and other customized design layouts. We will also insert internal artwork to fit client’s specifications. Each project is different. Therefore, turnaround time may differ according to each project’s specifications. However, the normal turnaround for novels is 48 to 72 hours.

Our designer will work with the client to select fonts and create a design that will complement the subject matter. Prior to beginning the interior layout process, your electronic file will be cleaned to remove all extra spaces, tabs, and breaks. Then it will be placed into the layout document and the designer will check each page for readability, removing any gaps, bad breaks, or other typographic errors that can ruin your book’s appearance. The file will be sent to you as a PDF (Portable Document Format). We will send you a final PDF for approval and will create a high-resolution file for your printer. If you wish, we will even e-mail or upload the file directly to your printer at no additional charge.

Every interior design project is unique. Our fee is $2.50 per formatted/typeset page for novels and poetry books. For projects such as self-help books, biographies, handbooks, manuals, workbooks, magazines, books with images, tables, charts, graphs, presentations, and journals are assessed on a case-by-case basis, starting at $5.50 per formatted (typeset) page.

Additional Fees:

  • A fee of $65.00 will be assessed for 13 or more editorial changes. This fee is per book (title).
  • A fee of $2.50 per formatted book page will be assessed for reformatting.
  • A fee will be assessed for any typing services to the formatted text, based on an hourly rate of $25.00/hr or a fraction if less than an hour.
  • A fee of $250.00 is assessed for after-typeset-proofreading. This process is conducted AFTER the final typeset stage, if requested.
  • A fee of $5.00 per image is assessed for inserting images (including grayscale, if necessary, and re-sizing).